The @bhplugin/vue3-datatable now offers support for Server Side Rendering. Please check the "isServerMode" prop to enable this feature.



npm install @bhplugin/vue3-datatable --save


yarn add @bhplugin/vue3-datatable


bower install @bhplugin/vue3-datatable --save



import Vue3Datatable from '@bhplugin/vue3-datatable'


import '@bhplugin/vue3-datatable/dist/style.css'


columns (required)array[]table columns Column Props
rows (required)array[]table rows
isServerModebooleanfalseset true if you need server side pagination.
totalRowsnumber0 total number of rows.
totalRows required when isServerMode is true.
skinstring"bh-table-striped bh-table-hover" custom class for skin
bh-table-striped - for stripe row
bh-table-hover - for hover row
bh-table-bordered - for bordered row
bh-table-compact - for compact table
loadingbooleanfalseenable loader
hasCheckboxbooleanfalseenable checkbox
searchstring""enable global search
pagenumber1current page
pageSizenumber10number of rows per page
pageSizeOptionsarray[10, 20, 30, 50, 100]pagesize options
showPageSizebooleantrueenable pagesize options
rowClassarray, function""custom row class
cellClassarray, function""custom cell class
sortablebooleanfalseenable sorting
sortColumnstring"id"name of sort column
sortDirectionstring"asc"sort direction (asc or desc)
columnFilterbooleanfalseenable individual column filter
columnFilterLangrecords<string,string>null columns filters translation (ex: {no_filter: 'Aucun', contain: 'Contiens', not_contain: 'Ne contiens pas', equal: 'Egale', not_equal: 'Différent', start_with: 'Commence par', end_with: 'Termine par', greater_than: 'Supérieur à', greater_than_equal: 'Sup. ou égale à', less_than: 'Inférieur à', less_than_equal: 'Inf. ou égale à', is_null: 'Est null', is_not_null: 'Non null'} )
paginationbooleantrueenable pagination
showNumbersbooleantrueenable numbers pagination
showNumbersCountnumber5show numbers of count in pagination
showFirstPagebooleantrueenable first page in pagination
showLastPagebooleantrueenable last page in pagination
firstArrowstringdefault arrowcustom first page arrow
lastArrowstringdefault arrowcustom last page arrow
previousArrowstringdefault arrowcustom previous page arrow
nextArrowstringdefault arrowcustom next page arrow
paginationInfostring"Showing {0} to {1} of {2} entries"custom pagination info
noDataContentstringNo data availablecustom no data message
stickyHeaderbooleanfalseenable fixed header
heightstring450pxonly will be used when stickyHeader enabled
stickyFirstColumnbooleanfalseenable fixed first column
cloneHeaderInFooterbooleanfalseenable clone header in footer
selectRowOnClickbooleanfalsecustom no data message

Columns options

isUniquebooleanfalsedb column is primary key or not
fieldstring""db column name
titlestring""display column name
valuestring""filter value if filter enabled
conditionstring"contain"default condition for column filter if filter enabled
typestring""column type (string, date, number, bool)
widthstring""custom width of column
minWidthstring""custom minimum width of column
maxWidthstring""custom maximum width of column
hidebooleanfalseshow/hide column
filterbooleantrueenable column filter
searchbooleantrueenabled global search
sortbooleantrueenable sorting
slotModebooleanfalseenable slot for cell rendering
cellRendererfunction, stringtruecustom cell rendering
headerClassstring""custom header cell class
cellClassstring""custom cell class


sortChangewill trigger when sorting changed
searchChangewill trigger when search changed
pageChangewill trigger when page changed
pageSizeChangewill trigger when pagesize changed
rowSelectwill trigger when row selected using checkbox
filterChangewill trigger when column filter changed
rowClickwill trigger when row clicked
rowDBClickwill trigger when row double clicked


resetwill reset all options like selected rows, filter, search, currennt page etc
getFilteredRowswill returns all filtered rows
getColumnFilterswill return all column filters
getSelectedRowswill returns all selected rows
clearSelectedRowswill unselect all selected rows
selectRow(index)will select row with the given index (non-existent row will be ignored)
unselectRow(index)will unselect row with the given index (non-existent row will be ignored)
isRowSelected(index)will return true if the row with given index is selected


<template #id="data">
  <strong>{{ }}</strong>

<template #name="data">
  <strong>{{ }}</strong>

<template #email="data">
  <strong>{{ }}</strong>



  <vue3-datatable :rows="rows" :columns="cols">

<script setup lang="ts">
  import { ref } from "vue";
  import Vue3Datatable from "@bhplugin/vue3-datatable";
  import "@bhplugin/vue3-datatable/dist/style.css";

  const cols =
      { field: "id", title: "ID", width: "90px", filter: false },
      { field: "name", title: "Name" },
      { field: "username", title: "Username" },
      { field: "email", title: "Email" },
      { field: "phone", title: "Phone" },
      { field: "date", title: "Date", type: "date" },
      { field: "active", title: "Active", type: "bool" },
      { field: "age", title: "Age", type: "number" },
        field: "",
        title: "Address",
        search: true,
        cellRenderer: (item: any) => {
          return (
            item &&
            item.address?.street +
              ", " +
              item.address?.suite +
              "<br/><strong>" +
              item.address?.city +
              "</strong>" +
              "<br/><strong>" +
              "lat: " +
              item.address?.geo?.lat +
              "&nbsp;&nbsp; lng: " +
              item.address?.geo?.lng +
      { field: "", title: "Company" },
    ]) || [];

  const rows = ref([
      id: 1,
      name: "Leanne Graham",
      username: "Bret",
      email: "",
      address: {
        street: "Kulas Light",
        suite: "Apt. 556",
        city: "Gwenborough",
        zipcode: "92998-3874",
        geo: {
          lat: "-37.3159",
          lng: "81.1496",
      phone: "1-770-736-8031 x56442",
      website: "",
      company: {
        name: "Romaguera-Crona",
        catchPhrase: "Multi-layered client-server neural-net",
        bs: "harness real-time e-markets",
      date: "Tue Sep 27 2022 22:19:57",
      active: true,
      age: 10,


@bhplugin/vue3-datatable is open-sourced software licensed under the [MIT license]

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